Become a Big Furry Friends V.I.P. We bring you the world’s most luxurious handmade stuffed plush animals.  Not just great personal gifts, these beautiful pieces make great mascots, corporate gifts, and display pieces for homes, offices, theatre, commercial and movie props. Collectors young and old agree these are keepsakes for a lifetime! See All 70+ Breeds The Old English Sheepdog is a breed of dog used for herding livestock and as a pet. They are best known for their shaggy grey and white fur which also covers their face, including their eyes. In countries where this practice is legal, the Old English Sheepdog's tail is usually cut off at or below the first joint as puppies. The procedure, known as docking or "bobbing" the tail produces the panda-like rear end. Puppies are born with jet black and white fur further likening them to the panda. It is only after the puppy coat has been shed that the more common gray or silver shaggy hair appears. A nickname for the Old English Sheepdog is "bobtail." Undocked Old English Sheepdogs are becoming a more common sight as some countries have now banned docking. The Kennel Club (of Great Britain) does not express a preference for (legally) docked or un-docked animals and either can be shown. The American Kennel Club breed regulations require showing only dogs with bobbed tails. In some areas, Old English Sheepdogs are often known as a Dulux dog, as a result of their long-running use in advertising Dulux paint.
Become a Big Furry Friends V.I.P. Luxury All our animals are hand-made from the finest plush stuffed animal artisans in the world. They are life-like, some lifesize and all realistic with careful attention to detail. They make an impressive gift, whether corporate or personal, but also make a statement as a corporate mascot or display at your company’s headquarters. Our plush animals are used for staging homes for sale, creating themed weddings, conventions and events where these furry friends add a real ‘wow factor’. Our life-like plush stuffed animals have also been used in museums, as well as theatrical props in movies, commercials and on live stage productions all over the world. What is contained here is a sampling of what our artisans have to offer - If you can imagine it, we can create it for you! Photography Studio Props  - Interior design  Staging for home rental or sale Non-taxidermy Props for Commericals, Television, Movies and Theatre Stage  Museum displays Themed Decor for weddings, parties, corporate events Corporate gift ideas and Mascots, College and other school Mascots, Luxury  gifts for, friends, family or yourself.  Luxurious Costumes for Carnevale, Halloween and dress-up. Corporate Branding If we don’t have it, we can  create it just for you    You deserve the Very Best World's Largest Source for Luxury Handmade Animals Martha Old English Sheepdog Handmade in Italy by Piutre $ 174.00 Luxurious Old English Sheepdog Costume Infant through Adult Sizes Handmade in Italy by Piutre Barkley Old English Sheepdog Handmade in Italy by Piutre $ 174.00 Shepton Old English Sheepdog Handmade in Italy by Piutre $ 963.00 Schag Old English Sheepdog Handmade in Italy by Piutre $ 74.00 Tiny Old English Sheepdog Handmade in Italy by Piutre $ 74.00
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